Hoop Winding

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Hoop winding is the simplest form of winding and can be easily programmed manually on most winding machines. The QuickCad Hoop winding options generates hoop winding programs and .Pay files for visualisation based on user specified parameters.

The hoop winding produced by this program is a double layer winding along the mandrel with a dwell and outward-wind a second dwell and a return-wind. The winding program is repeatable. The MultiHoop option is also available for winding hoop programs with several stages. Multihoop is more powerfull and can be do every thing this option can and more, so it is perhaps the better option to learn about.

These user-specified parameters are:

Cylinder Radius

This is the radius of the cylindrical mandrel.

Clearance Radius

This is the distance of the fibre dispensing point from the axis of the cylinder. This MUST be bigger than the mandrel radius.

Start X Position

This is the start X position of the winding in mandrel co-ordinate system. The actual carriage position (machine co-ordinates) can be fixed by the Xdatum and Offsets during post-processing.

Length Of Winding

This is the length of the hoop winding band centre to band centre. This can be positive of negative as the winding will be from the Xstart position to Xstart position + Winding length. The overall extend of the winding will be a bandwidth more at each end as the band centre position is programmed.

Fibre Band Width

The width of the fibre band used to determine the winding angle such that the cylinder is fully covered by one circuit i.e. the carriage Advances one band-with for each full mandrel rotation.

Dwell Angle 1st End (Deg)

This is the amount of mandrel rotation with no carriage movement at the start of the hoop winding. It can be zero.

Dwell Angle 2nd End (Deg)

This is the amount of mandrel rotation with no carriage movement at the end of the hoop winding. It can be zero.

Angular Point Spacing (Deg)

This value determines the point spacing around the mandrel for generating the payout path. If the user wished to view the hoop winding band structure in the payout path viewing options then use a small value say 20 degrees. This value must be less than 180 degrees.

Mandrel Direction +1,-1

Set this to 1 for positive mandrel rotation and 1 for negative mandrel rotation.

Updated: July 2020