Entering names of '.PAY' and '.PRG' files

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When entering file names in the post-processor the extensions (e.g. '.PRG' in <filename>.PRG etc.) should not be added. When asked for a payout file if the user entered 'test.dat', the program would strip the extension input and append the default extension, and then search for 'TEST.PAY'. If he entered 'TEST' then 'TEST.PAY' would still be searched for. Input can either be in upper or lower case but lower case input is always converted to upper case as some NC controllers do not accept lower case characters.

If the payout path (.PAY) file is not found in the current directory then the user has the choice to enter a new name, or to exit from the program. When requested for file names a default name is suggested where possible. For example, if the payout file is 'TEST.PAY', then the default for the NC data file would be 'TEST' to create 'TEST.PRG'. This default can be selected by depressing <ENTER> with no other input. Alternatively a new name can be entered.

If the name given for the program file is a file that already exists in the working directory, then the user is informed of this, and he then has the choice of overwriting the existing file (the data in it is then lost) or of supplying a new name.

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Updated: June 2020