Overview of Mandrel & Envelope Creation

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For rotationally symmetric shapes the first stage in generating winding programs is to create a mandrel file defining the shape to be wound. At the same time the user can create a mandrel envelope. This is described in the section entitled Editing of Mandrel and Envelope X,R Data. The mandrel and envelope data are saved in a text file with the .mnd file name extension

A mandrel definition consists of X,R data co-ordinates defining the surface. The user needs to define sufficient points to have a reasonable representation of the curvature of the mandrel profile. There are a few points to note:

Cadfil will automatically create a default envelope if the user does not create one. This may not be always be ideal it is best to check.

Mandrel and envelope data can be created by importing a DXF file created in a CAD system such as AutoCAD this is described in the following section.

Updated: July 2020