COPV Burst Simulation of Cadfil Model in LS-DYNA Finite Element Analysis

A Movie showing Progressive failure of a Composite Pressure vessel (COPV) using Cadfil and LS-DYNA. Cadfil can create detailed FEA models based on our winding simulation tools. You can find more information at . This cool video was provided by Predictive Engineering, experts in FEA and LS-DYNA software. The complete Cadfil model with 3D elements, loads, boundary conditions, contact surfaces, materials(with damage/failure criteria) etc. was merged with an existing model of the metal liner and end inserts. Load transfer from liner to composite was via contact body physics. The liner was pre-stressed with an initial pressure load ramp a process known as autofrettage. The liner was then progressively pressured until failures starts to occur in the structure which is then adaptively modified to allow progressive failure of the vessel. Cadfil can support output for many FEA solvers such as MSC Nastran, SimCenter Nastran, Altair Optistruct and ABAQUS.

New Site Launch

Crescent Consultants Ltd. are proud to release our new website; Filament Winding FEA. This website discusses the types of models available when exporting data from filament winding software (Cadfil) into various third party FEA software.

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