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The Cadfil filament winding software has frequent updates as part of our continuous process of development and improvement, Cadfil version are of the form x.yy (e.g. 8.13) where x is the major yy is the minor version number. Major version revisions represent some significant step change in the software, this page details what is new in the major release Cadfil 9.00. Note that for subsequent additions in the feature list (9.04) indicates the feature is present at Cadfil version 9.04 onwards.

To keep up with these latest developments, Why not update your current software to the latest Cadfil software, please contact us for more information!

Introduction and Windows Compatibility

There are many hidden changes that the user does not see, a revamp of internal data structures has been made the easier facilitate new features and enhanced memory management and allow for distribution as a 64bit Windows application. Cadfil is still currently distributed as a 32bit Windows application because there is no significant advantage in 64bit at this time. As there are still many 32bit windows computers in use at this time it would have necessitated having both 32 and 64 bit systems and installers (A 32 bit application runs on both 32 and 64 bit Windows but 64 bit application does not run on a 32bit Windows). All new PC hardware has 64 bit windows and Cadfil will become an exclusively 64 bit application at some point in the future.

Cadfil 9 has been tested with Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. Windows Vista should be OK but has not been tested. Windows XP is no longer supported. From Version 9.15 routine testing is made only on Windows 10

New Features

Cadfil now supports additional 3D Graphics capabilities using the OpenGL system. If the PC has a 3D graphics card that supports OpenGL then this greatly improve the user experience.

In additional there are many small changes, improvements and bug fixes. Our philosophy is to maintaining the general usage of the program such that an old user does not have to re-learn how to do things!

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Updated: 03 October 2022